Here you can find a sampling of both solo projects, and peer collaborations I've created over my time at Penn State.

Note: Projects and Presentations created in accord with PepsiCo and PBC are unavailable due to non-disclosure practices and trade secrets.

Study and Proposal Paper for Wine Production Feasibility in India (Sharaab Project), ELD Minor
Semester long collaboration with three teammates, two of whom were located in Budapest, Hungary. Through teamwork via conference video calls, constant electronic communication and constant examination of the project's scope, we assembled a report and presentation pitched to the heads of the minor and several instructors and faculty from both Penn State and Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary.

Pitch to Penn State's Office of the Physical Plant, Proposal for Building Re-Utilization (ENGR 493)
For more information on the Rock Wall Project.
Hungarian Language Outline

    Solidworks Projects
    Vacuum Reverse Engineering Project

    Armstrong Ceiling Design

    Entertainment Center Design

    Alien Culture Exploration into Greek Life
    Keirsey Temperament Analysis
    Public Policy on Meat Consumption